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        Achieve your fitness goals with our step-by-step nutrition and supplement guide

        The www.blogrefugio.com Fitness Guide: A blueprint for optimizing nutrition and supplementation

        There’s more to fitness than just weights and cardio - understand how the six major facets work together!

        Learn to select and combine the right supplements for your fitness goals

        Save $100s by only buying what helps you!

        The truth about being fit

        Ask ten people “What does it mean to be fit?”, and you’ll get ten different answers.

        • To some people, being fit means being at the top of their sport.
        • To others, being fit means being able to run a half-marathon, or simply hike for a couple of hours, without feeling like a wreck afterward.
        • To others still, being fit means being able to play with their grandkids, or simply waking up without stiffness and pain.

        Moreover, what fitness means to you today can change tomorrow. Case in point: Kamal Patel, www.blogrefugio.com co-founder (i.e., me!).

        A decade ago, my main goal was to pack on muscle. Forays into powerlifting, strongman competitions … muscle was all I cared about. I had a 430-pound deadlift, and both my squat and bench were above 300. I was roughly 175 pounds at 12% body fat, and my goal was to be consistently sub-10%.

        (Note that I hail from a family of rail-thin Indians and was among the naturally skinniest of them. My max bench was a shaky, grind-it-out 65 pounds after my freshman year of college. Suffice it to say that my fitness journey took quite a lot of time, effort, and learning.)

        Fast forward to today, and my definition of fitness has completely changed. I was diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, a disorder that affects connective tissue throughout the body. I’ve had well over a dozen MRIs and multiple joint surgeries. I still research fitness on a daily basis, but now with a broader understanding of interconnected factors such as joint pain and sleep.

        And years of research have taught me this: fitness is usually oversimplified. For many people, it is all about muscle and fat, weights and cardio; but to solve a puzzle as complex as optimal fitness, hammering the same routines over and over will not work. You need to figure out your personal bottlenecks among the six main fitness factors and take advantage of the most recent evidence to remove them, or even turn them into strengths!

        And what are the six main fitness factors?

        1. Joint health

          Healthy joints allow your body to deal with the strains of exercise, sports, and normal everyday activities. A lack of pain should be your everyday state!

        2. Sleep

          Deep, restful sleep lets your body recover from the day’s activities and wake up energized.

        3. Muscle and exercise performance

          Muscle is one of the two obvious fitness factors, but optimal muscle mass isn’t just for looks: it helps keep testosterone levels high and lets you enjoy physical activities.

        4. Fat loss

          Fat is the second obvious fitness factor: high body fat leads to lower testosterone, lower self-esteem, and accelerated aging.

        5. Testosterone

          Optimal testosterone levels have far-reaching benefits, including more muscle, greater mental clarity, and better mood.

        6. Cardiovascular health

          Cardiovascular health grows in importance as you age: improving it now will not only boost your recovery but also help prevent future heart complications.

        Importantly, each factor affects all the others. So don’t focus on just a couple and let the others become roadblocks in the years to come!

        To truly be fit, you need to address all the factors

        Imagine you found a VW Beetle from the 1950s and upgraded the engine, and only the engine, to something from 2019. What would happen?

        The drivetrain would underperform. The shocks would fail pretty quickly. The wheels would not be able to handle the speed.

        By focusing on one component and neglecting all the others, you’ve only marginally improved the performance, and at the same time created new risks.

        This is what happens if you don’t focus on the big picture.

        Here’s a real-life example: your knees.

        Every pound of excess weight you carry means about 4 pounds of extra pressure on your knees when you walk, 8 when you run. In other words, if you’re just 10 pounds overweight, that’s 40 to 80 pounds of extra pressure on your knees with every step you take!

        And yet, if you’re overweight, the first thing friends told you was likely to run, either outside or on a treadmill. Miles of running every day. Hours of running each week. “No pain no gain!”

        That’s a recipe for disaster.

        Instead, you could alternate between running, swimming, and lifting, so that your efforts don’t all put pressure on your knees. You can also decrease your knee pain with smarter nutrition, supplementation, and body positioning at work.

        As your pain decreases, you can exercise more and thus lose more weight, thus lessening the pressure on your knees, thus reducing the pain even more. More exercise and less pain make for better sleep, thus better recovery, allowing you to exercise harder. The harder you exercise, the more your cardiovascular system improves, making it possible for you to exercise longer, thus lose more weight, thus decrease the pressure on your knees, and so on and so forth.

        In short, as you improve one fitness factor, the others improve too. This synergistic process is the virtuous circle of fitness.

        Too many books focus on just one fitness factor. But most people don’t have time to read six different books and figure out, for each of them, what’s true and what’s just good salesmanship. The job of our Fitness Guide is to translate all the most recent scientific evidence about the six main fitness factors so you know which diets, supplements, and lifestyle approaches work, which don’t, and which might but don’t have enough evidence yet.

        The www.blogrefugio.com Fitness Guide:
        A blueprint for optimizing nutrition and supplementation

        Easy-to-follow directions

        Learn which supplements to take, when, in what form, in what dosage.

        • Core supplements have the best safety-efficacy profile.
        • Primary options can be very effective in the right context.
        • Secondary options could be worth adding if you have the money.
        • Promising supplements are backed only by preliminary evidence.
        • Inadvisable supplements are likely to harm your health or wallet.

        Ideal supplement combinations

        Learn how to best combine the various supplements depending on your personal situation and goals.

        Fitness Guide iPad Preview

        Dieting the right way

        Explore the psychology of dieting, not just to learn why most diets fail, but so you can select the right diet for your needs and personality — the diet most likely to work for you. We provide you with the latest evidence on the most popular types of diet, and we answer the diet-related questions we’ve been asked most often over the past seven years!

        Getting the basics right

        Learn to assess your fitness and measure your progress. Learn about movement and body positioning (not just for the gym, but for the many hours you spend at work) to keep yourself healthy and pain-free.

        Unbiased information

        We do not sell supplements or provide consulting to supplement companies. We do not accept donations, sponsorship, or advertising. All our recommendations are based strictly on the latest scientific evidence.

        Up-to-date information

        The evidence evolves. New studies change our outlook on known supplements, and bring new supplements to the forefront. Which is why your Fitness Guide comes with free lifetime updates.

        • The New York Times
        • The Washington Post
        • Men's Health
        • BBC
        • The Guardian
        • Medpage Today
        • Forbes Magazine
        • The Academy of Nutrition and Dietitics - AND

        Ready to increase your fitness?

        The Fitness Guide is the culmination of years of research and experience - we’ve distilled thousands of studies into practical steps you can take right now.

        Stop wasting your time and money on supplements that don’t work.

        Stop getting information from biased sources trying to sell you supplements.

        Start taking the supplements that will help you achieve your fitness goals.

        Get the Fitness Guide for only $79
        • Instant download
        • Free lifetime updates
        • 30-day money-back guarantee

        Are you currently a student? You may be eligible for a 50% discount from the regular price.
        Click here to claim your student discount.

        Take a peek inside the Fitness Guide

        Here’s a tiny sliver of the hundreds of questions we answer using the latest peer-reviewed research:

        • Fitness tracking: so hot right now. But how do you track most accurately without getting obsessive or lost in the weeds?
        • Low-fat or low-carb? Which diet is healthier, and which works better?
        • Can you lose fat both quickly and sustainably? And without extreme dieting?
        • Which one ability is most correlated with achieving long-term fat loss?
        • Does eating six meals a day actually promote muscle growth?
        • In which two cases might BCAAs help you more than regular protein powder?
        • How could you burn upward of 30,000 extra calories per year while typing on your computer?
        • How important is LDL-C, compared to LDL-P or cholesterol particle size?
        • How exactly does coconut oil affect heart health? And is it even a good source of MCTs?
        • Which vitamins and minerals should you take together and which separately?
        • Why is the standard treatment for joint pain so problematic?
        • Can you lose weight just walking, or is running really necessary? Should you even target 10,000 steps a day?
        • How can you measure your body fat percentage? And how does it compare with that of your peers and of athletes?
        • Is there anything you can do to curb food cravings and snacking habits? And why do you crave food even when you’re not hungry?

        Who will benefit from the Fitness Guide?

        Athletes who have hit a plateau in their fitness journey

        You’ve tried high-reps, low-reps, pyramids, drop sets, supersets, jogging, HIIT, and all the rest. So why aren’t you getting any faster, stronger, leaner? Are there supplements that could help you break through your plateau?

        We’ll see which ones are best supported by the evidence; we’ll even see which forms to take, in what dosages, and in what combinations. But more importantly, we’ll examine fitness factors that are routinely neglected yet are often the real causes behind a plateau.

        People who want to get (back) in shape

        This is the year you’re getting back in shape! But where to start? Are there supplements that could help you lose fat and give you more energy to exercise? Certainly, and here again we’ll see which which forms to take, in what dosages, and in what combinations, based on the evidence.

        But supplements are the cherry on the fitness cake; there are many other factors to consider first. So many, in fact, that fitness can seem an overwhelming puzzle! But we’ll break it down and guide you.

        Whether you’re overweight and find dieting and exercising difficult, or you’re just out of shape and wish to start an exercise regimen, we’re here to help. Whatever your age, it is never too late to get fit!

        People who want to stay in shape — no matter their age

        Fitness is a journey. You don’t want to be muscular today but a wreck in ten years. Page by page, we’ll guide you through the basics that make lifelong fitness possible.

        Not just how to lose fat, but how to keep it off.

        Not just how to pack up muscle, but how to stay pain-free.

        Not just how to improve your sport performance, but how to be fit enough to enjoy life and your favorite activities at any age.

        Whether you’ve just turned 20, are in your 40s, or have retired and want to stay healthy, our Fitness Guide can help.

        We’ll explore dietary habits, sleep hygiene, body positioning, and yes, even supplements — which forms to take, in what dosages, and in what combinations. All based on the latest evidence.

        What are the topics covered in our Fitness Guide?

        • Muscle Gain and exercise performance
        • Fat loss
        • Testosterone production
        • Joint health
        • Sleep
        • Cardiovascular health
        • Measuring fitness
        • Body movement and positioning
        • Dieting
        • Food psychology
        Just $79 for the 210-page, extensively referenced guide

        Who is www.blogrefugio.com
        and why should you trust us?

        • www.blogrefugio.com is an independent encyclopedia on supplementation and nutrition. We’re unique because we don’t sell supplements and aren’t affiliated in any way with any supplement company. When we recommend a supplement (or say another is ineffective), it has no impact on our bottom line. Consider us the Switzerland of the world of nutrition and supplementation.
        • Since our inception in early 2011, we’ve had but one goal: to be the best source of unbiased information on supplements and nutrition. Our team comprises medical doctors, biophysicists, pharmacists, nutritionists, sports dietitians, kinesiologists, etc. — all accredited experts, but with very different backgrounds, so that when we do research, we get the full picture. That’s why we have over 50,000 references on our website — we’re happy to show our work.
        • This single-minded dedication to providing well-researched, unbiased information has made us the #1 site for supplement information. Over a million people visit us every month. We have over 65,000 happy customers. And when major media organizations (such as the New York Times, the Washington Post, Men’s Health, the BBC, and many more) need experts, they turn to us.

        Medical doctors. Researchers. Registered dietitians. Professional athletes.
        They all rely on www.blogrefugio.com’s evidence-based analyses.

        www.blogrefugio.com is Lindsay Langford’s “go-to” for supplement research

        www.blogrefugio.com has been my “go-to” when looking for the latest in supplement research. I find the site easy to navigate and appreciate the easy access to scientific information, when time is of the essence. I appreciate the ability to view all citations and trust www.blogrefugio.com as a sound scientific tool.

        Lindsay Langford, MS, RD, CSSD | Sports Dietitian, Indiana Pacers

        For John Berardi and his team, www.blogrefugio.com is a trusted resource

        Whenever I want unbiased, meticulously researched, and scientifically credible supplement information, I turn to my friends at www.blogrefugio.com. They review thousands of studies and give bottom-line supplement recommendations better than anyone else in the industry. For me, my team, and my colleagues, they’ve become a trusted resource.

        John Berardi, PhD, CSCS | Co-founder Precision Nutrition | Advisor to Apple, Nike, and Equinox

        Jennifer Sygo uses www.blogrefugio.com to get “the lay of the land” quickly

        www.blogrefugio.com’s updates help me to stay on top of current research on supplements and diet trends. I appreciate the detail on topics like supplement-nutrient interactions, and their in-depth summaries are a great way to get “the lay of the land” quickly and efficiently.

        Jennifer Sygo, RD Cleveland Clinic Canada | Performance Toronto Raptors

        Bryan Marshall recommends www.blogrefugio.com to any fitness professional

        www.blogrefugio.com has been a long-time favourite resource of mine. Everything that the team at www.blogrefugio.com puts out is relevant, trustworthy, and most importantly, actionable. I would highly recommend these resources to any fitness/performance professional or anyone interested in learning how to live a healthier lifestyle.

        Bryan Marshall, Player Development & Applied Sport Science | Vancouver Canucks

        For Stuart Phillips, www.blogrefugio.com is a signal in a sea of scientific noise

        www.blogrefugio.com provides up-to-date, informative, factually correct and unbiased research reviews that I trust. www.blogrefugio.com is a signal in a sea of scientific noise!

        Stuart Phillips, Director, Physical Activity Centre of Excellence (PACE) | Director, McMaster Centre for Nutrition, Exercise, and Health Research | Tier 1 Canada Research Chair, Skeletal Muscle Health

        Ramsey Nijem relies on www.blogrefugio.com for credible and relevant information on nutrition and supplementation

        As the Head Performance and Strength Coach for an NBA team, I am responsible for delivering credible and relevant information on all things sport performance. www.blogrefugio.com is my go-to source when it comes to nutrition and supplementation and their Fitness Guide does a great job breaking down the supplements (and even nutrition) that will help you optimize your overall fitness.

        Ramsey Nijem, Head Performance & Strength Coach, Sacramento Kings

        John Meadows trusts www.blogrefugio.com to tell him the truth on supplements

        I’ll keep this simple: www.blogrefugio.com is where I go when I want to look up what the science says on supplements and nutrition.
        If you want the truth on supplements and what works and what doesn’t, no one does it better. You can tell they spend the time and effort to get the full picture. And as a pro bodybuilder, that’s exactly what I need.

        John Meadows, IFFB Pro Bodybuilder

        Tavis Piattoly leans on www.blogrefugio.com for the most current evidence to help his athletes

        I’ve been fortunate to have the opportunity to work with high performance athletes at all levels. The majority of my athlete clients are not only looking to maximize performance through diet but also through safe and effective supplementation. With over 50,000 supplements on the market, it’s difficult to keep up with the latest research, which is why I lean on the brilliant team at www.blogrefugio.com for the most current evidence-based data on dietary supplements.

        Tavis Piattoly, S, RD, LDN | Co-Founder, My Sports Dietitian | Former Sports Dietitian for New Orleans Saints & New Orleans Pelicans

        Michael Easter turns to www.blogrefugio.com when he needs to understand complex nutrition topics

        I turn to www.blogrefugio.com any time I need to understand complex nutrition topics. The team consistently delivers science-backed, practical, and digestible information that I can trust.

        Michael Easter, Lecturer - Journalism, UNLV | Journalist, contributor to Men's Health, Outside, and more

        Mike Hart visits www.blogrefugio.com daily

        www.blogrefugio.com is the most trusted resource on the internet for making intelligent decisions regarding your health. I visit it daily and frequently suggest to my patients to visit www.blogrefugio.com before purchasing any supplements or making any dietary changes.

        Mike Hart, MD

        www.blogrefugio.com is where Tom Venuto goes to find the truth

        With www.blogrefugio.com, never again will you need to worry about knowing whether the claims of the billion-dollar supplement industry are true or false. You’ll have the truth right at your fingertips. Use this encyclopedic resource as your go-to-guide and you’ll never have to waste time searching google and wondering whether what you found is evidence or (biased) advertisement, you won’t have to waste your money or risk your health on personal trial and error, and you won’t even have to sort through the real research (pubmed) because the guys at Examine have spent years doing it for you. Maybe the best part is that, finally the evidence-based trustworthy information we need is all in one place, and is smartly organized so you can find the answers you need in just minutes. Whether you’re a consumer or a fitness pro, this is a no-brainer must-have for your library.

        Tom Venuto, Bestselling author, Burn the Fat

        Eric Cressey trust www.blogrefugio.com’s research-backed, unbiased perspective

        The supplement industry can be tremendously confusing for a number of reasons. First, the margins are incredibly high — so there are a lot of unethical weasels with no scientific background making bold and unsubstantiated claims to separate you from your money. Second, it’s a dynamic industry, as new products, brands, and research emerge every single day. Fortunately, the guys at www.blogrefugio.com have streamlined the process of educating us all by providing an incredibly up-to-date resource on the supplements we encounter on a daily basis, as well as some of the more obscure ones that are out there that might “stump” us. This is an excellent product not only because it’s a completely research-backed, unbiased perspective without any financial conflicts of interest, but also because it’s exhaustively thorough and well written. I highly recommend it.

        Eric Cressey, MA in Kinesiology, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

        For Dr. Bryan Chung, www.blogrefugio.com is the repository resource for nutritional supplement information

        www.blogrefugio.com has become THE repository resource for nutritional supplement information. Most other similar databases fail at what they’re good at, which is being accessible and being comprehensive. Their frequent updates stay on top of the literature as it evolves. www.blogrefugio.com gives me an excellent overview of the body of work, which helps me filter and refine my search strategy when I’m looking up supplements that I get asked about that I’ve never heard of. The Human Effect Matrix provides interpretation that is lacking in every other supplement database in the world. Most people don’t have the time or interest to develop high-level expertise, but need somewhere to turn to to make informed decisions about their supplements. That information is at www.blogrefugio.com.

        Dr. Bryan Chung, MSc in Rehabilitation Science, MD, PhD

        Dr. Yoni Freedhoff sees in www.blogrefugio.com a massive and helpful undertaking

        It’s insufficient to simply rely on belief, conjecture or internet advice to determine if supplements are right for you. Instead you need to rely on research. With www.blogrefugio.com’s reference guide not only will you find their summary of the research, but also links to the original papers should you want to do your own due diligence. Truly a massive and helpful undertaking.

        Dr. Yoni Freedhoff, MD CCFP Dip ABBM

        Frequently asked Questions

        Founded in 2011, www.blogrefugio.com is an education company led by a team of experts — PhDs, researchers, medical doctors, pharmacists, and more. With over 2.5 million visitors each month, our website is the trusted resource on nutrition and supplement research.

        It is designed for anyone who wants to meet their individual fitness goals using clear and concise guidelines. We bring an evidence-based approach that helps you maximize all facets of fitness.

        The Fitness Guide combines 6 guides (sold individually for $49 ) we’ve been updating with new evidence since 2014:

        • Muscle Gain & Exercise Performance
        • Fat Loss
        • Testosterone
        • Cardiovascular Health
        • Joint Health
        • Sleep
        We didn’t just throw six guides under one cover, however: we combined them to provide you with a unified reference on fitness supplementation, and we added to each a topical overview that looks beyond supplementation — you’ll learn, for instance, what the scientific evidence says on the effects of sleep on exercise, and of exercise on sleep. We’ve also added sections on nutrition, dieting, fitness assessment and tracking, and body movement and positioning, to make the Fitness Guide the most comprehensive reference you’ll find that isn’t a textbook.


        If you own the Supplement Guides bundle, you can get the Fitness Guide for just $19.

        Simply login and the price will automatically be updated to reflect the discounted price.

        Yes. As we create new Supplement Guides, we’ll add the fitness-related ones to your Fitness Guide.

        We will update the Fitness Guide the same way we update our Supplement Guides. Our goal is to update our Supplement Guides with new scientific evidence at least once a year.

        We will notify you of each major update via email. With that said, you can simply download a new copy from the Member’s Area and it will be the latest version of the Fitness Guide.

        We offer an unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee on all our products. Should you be unhappy with the Fitness Guide PDF for any reason, simply email us at support@www.blogrefugio.com and we will refund your purchase.

        • Instant Download
        • Lifetime Updates
        • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

        Unbiased Information

        Zero conflict of interest

        www.blogrefugio.com is an unbiased resource on nutrition and supplementation. We are not influenced by commercial interests, product manufacturers, or any other organization, and we will not advertise products or brands. www.blogrefugio.com does not accept donations, third-party funding, or sponsorship of any kind. One hundred percent of our revenue is generated through our information products.


        Unconditional Refund Policy

        100% money-back guarantee

        All www.blogrefugio.com purchases are risk-free. Our Fitness Guide comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee — no questions asked. If you don’t like what you see, just email us via support@www.blogrefugio.com within 30 days for your full refund.

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